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Hello again everyone.

I only have 4 users on my system (5 including me) We all use a mixture of iOS devices, Windows, OSX etc.

ALL of the iOS users called me to say that they suddenly could not get access to their mail using an iOS device. All other devices and mail clients worked fine.

The fix was to delete the account in the iOS device and re-create the account, once that was done everything was OK again. The iOS users had to click ‘Trust’ on the certificate once the account connected.

This has happened twice in about 12 months.

Does anyone know what is happening here and is there a more permanent ‘fix’

Many thanks and have a great weekend



I’m not an iThings user, but in my experience, I face this problem each time the Let’s Encrypt certificate is renewed, it’s not easy to validate the new certificate on iPhone.

Last time, as you, the solution was to delete the mail account on the iPhone and then recreate it in order to validate the new certificate.

Unfortunately I am again confronted with this problem.
This time the certificate was accepted only for the sending SMTP server but not for the receiving IMAP server.
I’m going to look at this in the evening so if I find a trick i’ll post it.

Edit :
Sorry but no trick found. I’ve just delete and recreate the account, then enable SSL for IMAP and SMTP, in order to make it works again on iPhone.


@ppr Many thanks for your reply. It can only be that. iThings has to re-trust each time a new certificate is issued. What a pain that is. The only way to get the Trust option is to re-install the mail account.

I’ll be noting the next cert renewal and see what happens.

Others must have noticed this?

have a great day…


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