INWX as a DNS Provider


Dear fellow INWX users,

i would like to start a topic for everyone who is using INWX as a DNS registrar.
With the new DNS integration within yunohost it should be possible to use it…
Supported providers
As far as i have tested the configuration does not work out of the box.
How can we improve? Where to start?


You can start by elaborating on why you can claim that it does not work out of the box

For sure…
If i add a domain and go to Domain / / config than dns it says

YunoHost could not automatically detect the registrar handling this domain. You should manually configure your DNS records following the documentation at DNS zone configuration | Yunohost Documentation.

So i interpreted as not working yet…

Ah yes indeed that’s puzzling … somebody reported a similar issue with cloudflare which is nonetheless supported (and actually the issue “fixed itself”)

If you are comfortable with technical stuff, you can try debugging by checking what does this command returns

dig +short NS your.domain.tld

Which supposedly should return if your domain is managed by inwx … At least this is how lexicon autodetects the registrar: lexicon/ at master · AnalogJ/lexicon · GitHub


Well almost…

In the link you posted these are missing.


How do i propose a change on github without an account. is that even possible?

Made a pull request and i got already merged. :partying_face:
How long will it take to be able to test?

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Wow nice o.O

Eeeeh I guess they should first make a release … and then we have to grab their new version and rebuild it in our pipeline … so idk, several weeks i’d say

Alternatively you can also apply the patch in your server and further test / debug it

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Id love to…
I made a try with changing the /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/lexicon/providers/ manually but nothing happens. Is it the wrong path?

If i search for lexico i get these matches:


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