Invoiceninja5 issues

My YunoHost server

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YunoHost version:
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Description of my issue

Hello everyone.

I am using Invoiceninja4 and it has served me well. I have finally, finally been able to install IN5 but I have a few issues and questions which I can’t find the answers to unless I’ve missed something obvious… So be kind…

So the install went fine and I can log on.

I found the SECRET KEY for the login in the .env file

Here is the first question. Can I login without using this SECRET? I don’t mind it but a username and password would suffice… Maybe 2FA later…

I have exported the JSON file from v4 but I can’t import that into v5? (Odd that). Is this normal?

I have exported out all of the v4 sections as CSVsm clients, invoices, etc etc as separate files.
I have tried to import these CSV files into v5. They seem to import without trouble and my email pings several times confirming the import being successful however nothing has been imported into v5 except… the clients.

Everything works in v5 I can rebuild it as v4 but how do I get my existing v4 data into v5? This must have been thought about and be possible

Any help is appreciated

Best wishes


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