InvoiceNinja client portal lockout

Thanks for the wonderfully liberating YuNoHost. Its awesome!

I have a question regarding self-hosted InvoiceNinja and Client portal , when YuNoHost install.

In the docs, the app is supposed to send an email with a link to the invoice to be paid. :heavy_check_mark:

The email contains a link for the client to view the invoice :heavy_check_mark:

The client clicks on the link, and is redirected to a YuNoHost login, where they have no options to register. It seems to be our base YuNoHost admin URL.

I cannot see any clear way to avoid this behaviour on the YuNoHost install. Can anyone help?

Perhaps @rndmh3ro ?

Hey @cv909,

is your invoiceninja set to “public” access? You can check in /etc/yunohost/apps/invoiceninja/settings.yml (if your app’s name is invoiceninja). is_public should be set to 1.

Hi , thanks for the guidance. I had a look in /etc/yunohost/apps/invoiceninja/settings.yml and there was no is_public flag, so I added that and have tried again.

Should it have worked now? I am attempting to use the Display the invoice in an iFrame on your own website. Note: if a value is set the iFrame must be configured otherwise the invoice link will not work feature , but the iframe is always blank. Is this feature going to be compatible with YNH ?

Ugh i didn’t follow the whole story but please revert that change … Tweaking stuff manually in settings.yml can make things explode if you don’t know what you’re doing :confused:

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