Invidious repo update not pushed to yunohost

hi, Invidious was completely broken by a YT change earlier in the week. The invidious developers pushed a workaround few days ago but it hasn’t made its way to yunohost yet.


Je confirme que Youtube essaie de nous faire avaler de la pub par tout les moyens.
Heureusement invidious est bien maintenue, une mise à jour est déjà disponible.
Il faudrait la porter sur Yunohost; j’ignore combien de temps cela prends mais ce sera très apprécié.

yunohost still hasn’t found an update. Does this require manual intervention? Invidious is completely unusable without the update

New version is available for testing, installable with

sudo yunohost app upgrade invidious -u

Excellent thank you. How does one revert back to invidious stable branch one this update gets there?

No need to revert as apps are versioned based on version not branch

please be careful when you ask an app to be updated:

this work is entirely done by vonlunteers and putting excessive pressure on them won’t make them hurry up

most of the time updates are waiting to be tested, manually if possible

and keep the TOS in mind:

“We do what we can” clause: You accept that the volunteer team does the best it can, and is not subject to any obligation of means or result. The project cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage if a service ceases to operate. The team may decide to stop a service at any time.

“Free software is not about volunteers doing your bidding” clause: messages that simply ask when a feature, fix or update will be available, that are intentionally or unintentionally insistent, without any form of politeness, benevolence or intention to contribute, are not welcome. If you would like a particular point to be addressed, ask yourself how you can contribute, or at the very least, speak kindly of it.

My apologies. I had assumed the process to add upstream changes was automated.

Merci pour ton implication.
J’ai plein de vidéos à voir (piège des abonnements) et suis un peu fébrile sur cette application qui est une de celles qui me sont le plus utiles sur YunoHost.
Je venais justement de faire une recherche et de trouver ces pages :slight_smile:

et OniriCorpe (OniriCorpe) · GitHub

it’s fine!

there is an autoupdater bot but the update still needs to be handled by someone and sometimes requires manual testing, not all the updating process is automated

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Unsure if this feedback here helps but I upgraded to the testing build last night and haven’t had any issues so far.


it’s appreciated!

i commented on the pull request saying that you updated successfully

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Je confirme qu’un sudo yunohost app upgrade invidious -u GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/invidious_ynh at testing a permis de relancer «mon» Invidious avec succès !
Grand merci ! :slight_smile:

:fr: En effet, j’ai publié la mise à jours malgré le test en erreur sur la CI.

:uk: I released the last version, even tho there was an error on the CI. Please report your issues if you encounter any during the upgrade.


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