Invidious: popular feed is empty

Hello all

On my Invidious instance I have the following problem: On the home page no content appears.

I tried to adjust the feed settings in config.yml:

  • popular_enabled: true
  • default_home: Popular

I had both settings turned on as a test - no success. What can I do so that the Popular feed is displayed?

Any help appreciated!

Have you tried the search field or the ANGESAGT button?

yes, these two work as they should…

I found the solution. More precisely there is no solution but a reason why the feed is empty:

The “popular” feed is generated from the videos that are popular amongst the users registered on your instance. If nobody has created an account on your instance (e.g if registration is disabled) the popular feed will be empty.

Since there are no users registered on my instance yet, so nothing can show up in the feed.

I found the explanation here: documentation/ at master · iv-org/documentation · GitHub

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