Invalid PEP 440 version: '0.16.0~ynh1'

A YunoHost package version like: 0.16.0~ynh1 is not Python PEP 440 conform :frowning: and newer version of Poetry will not accept it any longer, see: PEP 440 parse exception on packages in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ installed by ubuntu · Issue #6013 · python-poetry/poetry · GitHub

How to handle that?

Think replace the ~ with a + can be made, e.g.: 0.16.0+ynh1 see: PEP 440 – Version Identification and Dependency Specification |

But i don’t know how the package change and the YunoHost ecosystem will work with that scheme?!?

Use ynh_app_upstream_version helper?

Edit: that’s my workaround for bash scripts. You do not specify how Poetry uses the version in the manifest. ? :thinking:

Hm. I try this:

EDIT: It seems to work good… Think i will change all my projects in this way… But let’s wait for: YunoRunner for CI

EDIT2: Looks good: