Introducing myself

Hello there!

I was thinking it may be best to start my first post introducing myself.

Folatt’s the name (well… it’s not) and self-hosting is my game. What isn’t my game is French, I never mastered it. This is despite my nickname being based on the French word folâtre taken from a dictionary twenty years ago, which I erroneously thought that it meant “likes playing computer games”, but the name stuck on me.
I also have started a website on MaidSafe where I try to create a new language, wanting an EU language and not liking the Spanish accent, it will be French/Esperanto/Dutch, as I’m Dutch myself, which I think is suitable for Brussels, so I’ll doubtless learn a little bit of French along the way.

Anyway, I’m using YunoHost, because ArkOS has been discontinued, Peakwinter quit, and I found out that the MaidSafe is far superior than both ArkOS and YunoHost and with their big team, I no longer have to contribute and can just focus on site building and at most build some apps for it, but MaidSafe is unfinished, so I need an intermediary solution in the mean time.
Since YunoHost has the Duniter app, the one app I wanted on ArkOS, it’s a big plus for me.

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Very nice projects that you have!
Although I don’t see the link between yunohost and maidsafe, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for with yunohost.

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Maidsafe is like self-hosting in a highly secure decentralized cloud, making personal web hosting like YunoHost obsolete. But they’re not there yet and their project is more complicated. Including the fact that all server apps have to be rebuild again to support their type of network.

So in the mean time, I’ll use YunoHost for apps I want/need today.

Those being KeeWeb, DAV, Cesium, Duniter.

That’s the indirect link between YunoHost and MaidSafe.

The direct link between YunoHost and Maidsafe is Cesium.
I made a few “sites” on the Safe network and I came to a point where I thought I might want to copy or build a very simple web widget on it, a donate button on my personal site.

MaidSafe does not have a Cesium yet. YunoHost does.

I don’t know if a donate button could work over two networks, but one can always try.

I prefer a cryptocoin that supports Basic Income above all others, thus I prefer Ğ1 over SafeCoin.

Hello Folatt!
Nice to find you back here, I was also a user of Arkos (:’( ) who moved to yunohost when Peak quited!
Anyway I hope you’ll find what you are looking for here.

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Yeah, it was sad to see it go, but MaidSafe is 10x better.
As soon as I figured that out, I ditched my idea to keep it alive as I liked ArkOS’ choices of frameworks better than that of YunoHost.

Hello everyone. I am new here.
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I used ArkOS too, although I could never get it to work as well as YunoHost has been working for me. That may just have been because I was running it on a Pi, and always had problems with SD card corruption.

No French, but I set a Firefox plugin to always translate here, and it works better than I would have thought. German works – and yeah, I dabbled in some Esperanto here and there. :rofl: