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If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: Nextcloud 27.1.4~ynh1, Mattermost 9.3.0~ynh1

Description of my issue

Hi all,

I have both Nextcloud and Mattermost (Team edition) installed on my Yunohost instance, and I wanted to obtain some kind of integration between the two.

Nextcloud → Mattermost

I managed to install the “Mattermost integration” in Nextcloud, but I cannot have it connect to my Mattermost server: I always obtain an error about wrong credentials, even though I checked and tested quite a bunch of times (they’re correct). I added and removed “https://” before the instance address, and even rebooted my server, but to no avail.

Is there some secret parameter that I have to activate in Mattermost to make this work? Maybe something related to OAuth2 (but I cannot understand what the address for the “OAuth2 server homepage” should be in Mattermost.

Mattermost → Nextcloud

This is even worse, I still do not understand how I can install the Nextcloud plugin in Mattermost? I have enabled the functions to upload a plugin in config.json for Mattermost, but am I to download the file for the Nextcloud plugin?

Any help and pointer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

just a guess, maybe mattermost can’t handle your encoding. try a password without special characters for testing

Good thinking but my password is full ASCII.

EDIT: Also, the connexion does not work either when I enter a token. Seems rather a problem of communication between the instances.

i think it is a funky ldap thing,
perhaps that helps:

to understand

I got it!

Nextcloud needs to authorise “local remote servers” for this to work. The fix is to add the line :

'allow_local_remote_servers' => true,

to the config file /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php. After a reboot, Nextcloud is finally accepting Mattermost credentials!

(For the record, the address of the Mattermost server also needs to contain the https:// prefix!)


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