Installing server but need to change ports

Hello all, I’m what you would call a novice in this area here.

To get things out of the way,

I am using an old computer that a person recycled to test yunohost

I have direct access to the computer with keyboard and monitor.

version is YunoHost (stable)

I’ve gone through the traditional install without deviation.

My issue is a bit more complicated. You see I have another server on ports 80 and 443, Next cloud which I somehow stumbled my way through getting that to work.

This poses a problem as you can see, yunohost also wants to use those ports too. As far as I know you can use other ports for http and https. I’d like to ask if anyone here has tried changing and opening ports successfully to access yunohost. I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with yunohost as the only error is it can’t use those ports.

I’m also hesitant to modify Nextcloud as I’m still new to all this and I do have it set up like I would like. But if I need to touch it please explain to me why.

I hope this all works well, my main goal is making my own personal website as I’ve become more privately minded lately.

Thank you for looking.

Hmpf I’m tired to repeat what I wrote in other posts but basically forget about that, while it’s theoretically possible it’s a pain in the ass and much more complex than it looks, you’ll loose half your hairs and even if it works it wont be convenient.

Instead, configure one server as a reverse proxy for the other - which is not trivial either (though yunohost simplifies some things if you use it as front) but at least that’s the “right” way.

Ot the simpler solution would be to make other choices and have a single server

Understood. Thank you for responding.

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