Installing an IRC Bouncer?


Could someone please tell me if some YNH users found a way to install an IRC bouncer like ZNC for example ? I found this but last edit was two years ago, and I wanted to know more before installing it.

Thank you for you answers. :slight_smile:

I think is there.

Thank your for your answer ! :slight_smile:

The installation works well, then I can get to the main page and enter information about the network. But when I click Connect the page starts to loads and then… Nginx sens a “502 Bad gateway” error… Do you have an idea why ?

Yeah…there is an open issue about it The app has not been updated from 2 years, so someone will have to rework on it.

Any news here? Anybody using an iRC bouncer with YNH?

tried that one GitHub - CrossStream/ynh_znc: Yunohost installer for the ZNC Bouncer
but not working though. ;(

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I am using weechat as a relay on the same machine (Pi) as my yunohost and it is working fine.

I’m also looking for an IRC bouncer solution on YNH - has anyone on this thread managed to find a solution that will allow a 3rd party client?