Installer WordPress avec php7.4 - Install WordPress with php7.4

Hi all! If the WordPress messages saying your version of PHP is too old are annoyning, know that you can upgrade to php7.4 on debian stretch by using the apt repository Don’t forget to also change the nginx configuration to use the correct socket.

Bonjour! Si les messages de WordPress indiquant que votre version de PHP est trop vieille sont pénibles, sachez que vous pouvez upgrade vers php7.4 sur debian stretch en utilisant le repository apt Pensez à changer la configuration de Nginx pour utiliser la bonne socket.

That’s not the recommended way to proceed inside YunoHost … Manually tweaking packages and configuration will lead to issues if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For me, the sury packages were installed by another yunohost app iirc

What is the recommended way?

My instance is also on php7.0… even though everything else is up to date.

The recommended way is to not panic because of Wordpress’s annoying messages considering that using php 7.0 is far from being a super huge issue, and to wait (or come contribute/test) that the yunohost app is upgraded to use php 7.3 or 7.4, which itself ideally requires that we finish the transition to buster (itself would benefit from feedback)

I was ok waiting, but I just realized that plugins are starting to require that version, and AFAIK, they can’t be updated till you give’em what they want.

I’m still grateful there are ppl working on it FOR FREE, so thanks a lot for what you’re doing.