Installation with pure UEFI bios (no legacy boot available) not work

Hi everyone,

I have a Medion laptop with very limited bios ; I can’t enable old legacy boot option to boot on USB key and I only have UEFI boot option).

I’m trying to boot on my fresh YunoHost USB Key with YunoHost x86 iso on it, but I can’t boot on it. I’m only able to boot on an official Debian Jessie ISO.

Is the Yunohost iso file UEFI compatible? It seems not, or it’s only me?



Hi @SylvainCecchetto ,

If your laptop can do, you could try this
Source :

If not, you could try to install YunoHost on a Debian 8.x Jessie via a netinstall from here

Then follow the steps


Have you follow this method with Unetbootin to create your usb key ?

Create usb key with dd is not supported by the current image.

Oh … I did it with dd on my Mac, my fault.
I will try with UnetBootin.

Is UnetBootin does some stuff more than dd, like install a bootloader, grub or something ?

Thank you for your help!