Installation VPS cloud Ovh


Hello à tous, ca y est je me lance. J’ai pris un VPS cloud chez OVH, je viens de lancer l’installation de Yuno et il me demande :

To improve the security of your server, it is recommended to let YunoHost
                       │ manage the SSH configuration.
                       │ Your current SSH configuration differs from the recommended configuration.
                       │ If you let YunoHost reconfigure it, the way you connect to your server
                       │ through SSH will change in the following way:
                       │ - you will not be able to connect as root through SSH. Instead you should
                       │ use the admin user ;
                       │ Do you agree to let YunoHost apply those changes to your configuration and
                       │ therefore affect the way you connect through SSH ? 

Je suis authentifié par clés ssh pour la connexion au serveur, je ne peux pas me connecter en root.

En revanche, j’ai bien un user root / psswd sur la machine.

Si je comprend bien le paragraphe, Yuno propose de desactiver la connexion type "ssh root@ip.machine.xx.xx ?

Ca ne modifie en rien mes paires de clés SSH ?

Je vous remercie.

I choose Yes finaly, pretty logical I guess…

Done ! cool… it’s work :smiley:

Uuuh can you elaborate on what works ?

YunoHost indeed proposes to disable SSH root logi, so that should not be possible anymore after you run the postinstallation … Including if you uses asymetric keys.

The recommended way is to log through the admin user (for which you can also configure asymetric keys)

Thanks Aleks, Yes, I was confused between ssh connexion and “as root user” when connected.

For OVH Cloud VPS is the same way to connect ;

"ssh debian@ip.machine.xx.xx "+ ssh_key.