Installation of multiple yunohost servers

My YunoHost server

Hardware: multiple olimex sbc behind a natted network (residential isp with fixed ip)
YunoHost version: irrelevant / latest
I have access to my server : ssh / webadmin and local access with keyboard and monitor if necessary
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

** what I am trying to achieve : **
Install multiple yunohost servers and yet have a centralised access.

** what i have done so far **
I have installed and setup yunohost on a single server.

** MY Question : **
What is the standard procedure to have multiple yunohost servers ?

This is my guess so far, please correctme if I am wrong and dont hesitate to add information if I missed something.

-1 install the first yunohost that will only be a ldap server and a reverse proxy.
-2 install multiple additionnal yunohosts that will use the first one as a central ldap server
-3 configure the first one reverse proxy so that it distributes access to the different yunohosts based on the apps requested.

I dont know if it is the right way to do a multiple servers setup. ** Please advise. **

I dont know how to configure yunohost for the points 2 and 3. ** Can you please point me in the right direction and/or give me some links ? **

Thanks a lot for your help and for your beautiful work on yunohost !

If this is about having a “cluster” of Yunohost sharing the same LDAP DB : this is not supported by Yunohost, and a lot of tinkering (including the python code) is probably required to make this works (i.e. this is R&D).

Well I am not sure of what you call a cluster.
For me a cluster is a bunch of machines load balancing the same service.
Here I am talking about

  • server A : ldap server
  • server B : yuno host with nextcloud
  • server C : yuno host with wallabag

Do I need to manually add all users to servers B and C ? Or can I point them to A and centrally manage all my users in A ?

Yeah, maybe not a cluster, depends on the definition. Anyway, the topology you describe is just not supported by Yunohost. There’s a gazillion number of technical questions this would raises, it’s definitely not as simple as “make server B use the LDAP DB of server A”

Unless you really have a motivation behind this, I would just recommend to keep things simple and stick with the classic setup “one server to rule all apps”

Oh ok.
So is this just this topology that is not supported ? Or any topology where there is more than one yuno host ?
Are you saying that I can only run yunohost on one server ? Because one is clearly not enough in my case so I need others.

You can perfectly install several Yunohost, it’s just than they will “live independently of each other”

Why is that so … People have a tendency to overengineer things or underestimate what a “small” machine can handle.

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For me, it’s that i have applications which I don’t want to expose to the Internet and I don’t want that (for me) critical data on the same server in the same segment. But my homelab is advanced I was only looking if i could migrate to yunohost.
Also security wise it could be good, because an attacker couldn’t use a bug in one application to compromise the complete data.

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