Installation feedback on dedibox SC2 - Debian 8


I wanted to review yunohost as a possible alternative to owncloud self installed.
I cannot say I was impressed. It looks very promising but I had troubles getting things working.

Right now, I can’t really switch to it. I would like to get rid of OC, but I didn’t see a contact app, which is the most important part of my self-hosting.

Now, to the problems I encountered and how I solved them.

First, yunohost failed to install. Dedibox has openntpd installed by default, so the install script stops when installing ntp.
Second, baikal installed succesfully, but was unusable. Turned out the install fails, but script doesn’t see it. The problem was that the install tries to execute some commands as www-data, but it has “/usr/sbin/nologin” shell. Changed to “/bin/bash”, install went OK.
Third, agendav was not working, with “http error=”. Turned out the DNS were out of sync with my SOA. Switched to localhost, agendav worked.

As previously said, I saw there was no contact app, so I gave OC a try, but was unable to activate any OC app. See my reply in other thread, it seems an OC issue.

All in all, I spent 4-5 hours on it, with nothing really usable yet. I hope the others apps have less problems.

Keep up the good work, it truly can be a very good self-hosting solution.