Installation failes / API is not respinding (Debian 7 in OpenVZ Container)

Hi there,

I wanted to install yunohost inside an openvz container on my virtualization server. The server itself runs on Proxmox.

The installation failes everytime:
Warning: Some firewall rules commands have failed. For more information, see the log. as well as
dnsmasq: setting capabilities failed: Operation not permitted

After ignoring it and running the postinstall, I can get to the admin-page - bit little pacman crosses a few times and then this error appears:
API is not responding (Error : 0 error)

Special is: I don’t need a firewall (virt-host handles it) and the subdomain I wanted it to run under is available on port 80 through a nginx reverse-proxy - so you cannot connect to the VM directly (without passing through the reverse-proxy). I can forward individual ports that may be needed in my virt-host firewall.

Can you help in this matter (or do you need more info)?