Install Yunohost with Ansible

Hey guys !

I’m currently working on my self-hosted server project, and I wanted to make its configuration reliable and scripted, that’s why I’m working with Ansible on that. For those who don’t know what Ansible is, it’s a way of scripting server configuration, by playing playbooks you can find on Ansible Galaxy. The difficulty here is that this script can be run twice (and more), so everytime I want to programmatically install an app for instance, I have to check first if it’s not already installed.

There are currently no role provided on galaxy to install Yunohost with Ansible, that’s why I made my own :slight_smile:

It’s available here :

And the code is here :

For the moment, this roles supports :

  • Installation of Yunohost
  • Installation of domains and Let’s encrypt certifications
  • Installation of apps


  • Creation of users
  • Firewall management ?

Anyway, I’d like some feedback on this. I’m also wondering if I’m gonna make a PR in order to write somewhere in the doc that an Ansible role is available.

Cheers !


I’m interrested in Ansible and a Yunohost user. Ths project is interessting so I’ll probably test it :slight_smile:

Great ! Waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

Added user support ! :smile:

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Hi @sylvainar ,
Old but still an interesting project. Did you actually used it ? Some feedback from other users ?
I’ll keep an eye on this :smiley_cat:

I’ll keep my eyes on it as well…
(planning to migrate my yunohost install to another server and willing to configure it with ansible at first)

Hey there,

Yup i did use it for a year or two, then I left yunohost and started managing things by myself with docker and docker-compose (it’s closer from what I do at work on a daily basis and I feel more comfortable having the full control on the install).

However, I can still maintain this repository, or give the rights to someone to co-maintain. Feel free to make pull-requests if you see any improvement. My repository was forked several time but no one merged back, so the role isn’t moving on galaxy.


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