I wanted to install yunohost on a vps following the documentation but it seems has no install script to execute (so no curl | bash possible).

Did an update went wrong somewhere with the 4.1 release ?

Thanks !


Je souhaitais faire une installation de yunohost, mais propose un index.html vide.
Y’a-t’il eu un oublie/problème au passage de la sortie de la 4.1 ?

Merci !


It is not just you. I believe other services like have also been affected by this. Hopefully it is nothing serious and the server is just under heavy load right now.

Hi gde,

I read a DDoS is going on. I they will stop soon!

For the install script you could try using an archived copy over at (gives me a certificate error at the moment), or Google cache.

Thanks for the google cache link. I used that as a workaround, worked great !

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