Install YNH on RPI3 B+ USB Boot

Hi everyone,

I just received my new RPI which is a 3B+.It seems this version of RPI could boot diretly from USB. I burn a usb key but the RPI doesnt boot at all.

I made several research but it seems the last RPI could boot directly from USB only with Debian Stretch. But on the website, the last image i can download is YNH 3.1 Jessie. I cant find the last version of YNH (3.2 or 3.3) for RPI with Stretch.

I went to htttp:// but the image link doesnt work.

Could you help me please ?

How / what did you burn ? The pre-installed image provided by YunoHost probably does not support this, it’s meant to be used for sd card, naively I’d expect that this doesnt work on usb out of work ?

This is no big deal : just use the provided image and perform a system upgrade at some point.

I just installed Yunohost on a RPI 3 B+ using the image (.img) on website, it works perfectly fine.
Then I updated it to Yunohost 3.3 and so on.

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Thank you for your answers. I used on Windows the software Rufus to burn it.

Finally i burn on usb drive with another soft (Etcher) an image of raspbian lite and i install manually the package yunohost.

All setup has worked and i’m currently configuring the post-installation :slight_smile:

And no need of any SD card !


I did it with Etcher, it worked on first try with the image provided on website.

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