Install other applications (which are not in YunoHost)

First I’m impressed by this project: it looks exactly what we need in our small organisation in Africa. We currently run Debian on a small server, with a lot of services for our small organisation (20 users). On this server, we use:

  • Nextcloud (including OnlyOffice)
  • Wallabag
  • Mattermost
  • Dokuwiki
  • Wordpress

We would like to switch to YunoHost to ease the administration of the server. For all the applications above, I understand we can switch without problem.

But we also use the server for specific usages, for example emoncms (GitHub - emoncms/emoncms: Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data). I don’t see emoncms available in the apps. Are we able to use the Debian system (which is behind Yunohost as far as I understand) to install anything which is not included in YunoHost? (with sudo apt-get install or any other method).

Thank you very much! (and sorry if the question was already asked, but I don’t find the answer in the FAQ nor in the forum)

Yes yunohost is a debian and you can install app by hand.

Just don’t try to install apache2 web server, use nginx instead. SSOWat custom conf should be edited to.

To ease this process, you can use the “Custom Web App” (also called my_webapp) and modify nginx conf if needed.


Thank you very much! I’ll try that :slight_smile: (or for reference, I might use the alternative solution, in my case, of InfluxDB + Grafana GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/grafana_ynh: Grafana package for YunoHost)

You can also use Redirect app GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/redirect_ynh: Redirection app for YunoHost to redirect NGINX/SSO to point to your app.


Excellent, it also looks interesting, thanks!!