Install old version synapse-ynh


Hi, I just uninstalled synapse in order to re install it, but it failed. The problem is already known. From what I understand I have to wait for the next release. I tried the dev branch, but it doesn’t work either. The last backup I have from synapse doesn’t restore through Yunohost web admin panel.

My question is, how can I install the last working synapse-ynh package ?


Bonjour, j’ai désinstallé Synapse pour le ré-installer, mais cela ne fonctionne pas. Le problème est déjà connu. De ce que je comprends, je vais devoir attendre la prochaine version. J’ai essayé d’installé depuis la branche de développement, mais cela ne fonctionne pas non plus. La dernière sauvegarde de synapse que j’ai sur le serveur ne se restaure pas.

Ma question est : comment puis-je installer la dernière version fonctionnelle du paquet synapse-ynh ?

You can try forking the repo and rolling back to the last commit where it worked.[0] Then you can use your repository’s URL to install it.

Not sure how you would restore your backup. Maybe you could edit the backup file’s metadata and replace it with your forked repository to get it to work

github - How can I rollback a git repository to a specific commit? - Stack Overflow

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Ok, thank’s. And how do I go back to the master branch when the new stable version is available ?

It does not work like that. You will be prompted for an upgrade whenever the master branch version becomes higher than your currently installed app. So you will be directly nagged to upgrade. :wink:

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