Install Magento Community Edition

Hi, I need install the open source version of Magento… is possible? how make it??
Thanks in advance,

Hi, I’ll try the same think with Prestashop 1.7 it doesn’t work on the fly
i’ll try the same with Magento 2.1 and it doesn’t work on the fly too. i’m watching the Nginx config to make it works. But i need more time to test it
Did you find any solution ?

Hi these apps are very interesting. Let me know how I can help. What “does not work on the fly” so far?

I mean it’s not install and play… and needs to be configured manually

I used a subdomain with only one Custom WebApp at the root of the subdomain. But it doesnt work.
For the 2 apps, the install worked but i’m unable to access to the front for Prestashop ( the admin seems to work )
For Magento 2 i’m unable to access to the front or the admin

  • Are there any official nginx configuration for these, and if so are you using them?
  • Do they have config file, and if so are they properly set up?
  • To automate setup, have a look at the owncloud app, limesurvey, dolibarr or other php ones. They use Curl to headlessly pass arguments to the setup as POST


For Prestashop, see

For Magento, see

Step 1: Download the Magento eCommerce installation package
Step 2: Upload the Magento files to your server
Step 3: Create a MySQL Database for Magento to use
Step 4: Go through the Magento installation proces

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Thanks for the process. It seems a pretty simple way to work on. However, I will try it on my online store which is hosted through magenticians magento hosting and will see. If, I am able to make it work.

You can install Magento in 6 easy steps

  1. Get Your Server Ready
  2. Download Magento
  3. Create a Database on Your Host
  4. Upload and Unpack Magento
  5. Set Up Magento
  6. Install and Finish
    Contact any magento developers or ecommerce development company for further assistance.