Install app not on yunohost yet?


i guess my questions might be silly, but is there anyway i can install an “app” which is not yet an app on Yunohost?
like, can Yunohost helping me installing something on my server which i wouldn’t be able otherwise to install because, well, i’m not that techy and Yunohost is making my life easier and nicer and less stressful.

but i guess the first question was more than enough and i can already imagine the answer, but i thought it was worth a try?

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if you have a lot of free time you may try to learn to package what you want (can) (and if you make it you may share how you did it with us, so we also learn)
if it’s a docker container you may try to install it on top of yunohost and install a redirect app for its path (I didn’t try installing yunohost and docker on the same machine, so be very caaaarefullllll, take snapshot, backups, etc…)

In addition to @jarod5001’s useful suggestions, is there a special case you have in mind?

Depending on your level of ‘not that techy’ it might be something quite complex (bad luck) or something actually quite doable just outside of Yunohost, on Debian directly.

what i’m thinking specifically is Fipamo, which is currently in alpha. the author says they might upload it on Yunohost once in beta, but i was really curious to try it now since i am planning to redo my website. :yum:

my level of “not that techy” is i didn’t understand what @jarod5001 suggested. :sweat_smile:

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That’s a good starting point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
If I have read what I wrote now last year, I would say “what is he talking about?”. I didn’t even know that we can host services and websites at home. I learned a lot from this forum and I have a lot to learn. It takes time.

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Hahaha, that gives some indication :smiley:

According to the author, running Fipamo is quite simple.

You can use the custom web app to create an entry-point for it on your Yunohost (where it will be accessible from the internet), and then match the defined location with the instructions from the Fipamo installation page.

If your Yunohost is enough of an experiment to feed it alpha software, you could give it a try and learn along the way. I tell it a bit tongue-in-cheek; it certainly is doable but you will have to learn along the way, and things may break.

There are of course other static blog packages, and even Wordpress can support Markdown, so it is not the lack of options that should hold you back from publishing your thoughts online!

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I thought about the custum web app. But I read in the installation to run composer install in the folder and then talks about web host (where running commands is not possible). Maybe just decompressing the release zip in the custom Web app and visiting the dashboard link is enough. @unmy you may try it in a test machine. I will try to test it this weekend if I have time in a virtual machine (virtualbox). I’m already using hugo and l’m happy with it. But new alternatives are always welcome

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hello both!

thank you very much, @wbk , for the link. i will definitely try that as soon as i can.
also, yeah, i know there are other options, but i know and like the person who’s working on Fipamo and i would love to show my support by creating my website using their tool. :smiling_face:

and thanks @jarod5001 for your help and time. fingers crossed for your testing too. even if i’ll def need more. eheh! i will be checking this page for new updates after the weekend then. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve tried to install Fipamo in a custom_webapp.
But it requires composer to install its dependencies. I installed composer and tried launching the ‘compose install’ (for the dependencies). I had to change the php version (since v7.3 wasn’t enough). I had some errors and the app didn’t run. Sorry. This is more than I can do (for now)

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Here is a none working draft… something is not working (NGINX config maybe the culprit)


oh, damn, im sorry.
if you couldn’t im pretty sure i cant neither. :confused:

does it mean someone was already trying this and it didnt work?

i shared your responses to the fipamo dev and that’s what he wrote:

  • Fipamo doesn’t care if its Nginx or Apache. Just as long as it can serve PHP.

  • Is there anyway I can see the errors that popped up?

  • If you can install composer, it’s just a matter of getting the settings right.

  • I’ll probably reach out to them directly one I get this next update out. This is promising

it seems that overall everything is good? lol
do you mind sharing those errors please?

You can install Fipamo now on YunoHost-Apps repo and open issue or add PR with fixes

sudo yunohost app install

I’ve tried installing it, but I got issues :


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the dev said:

Yeah these are Yuno errors. I just have to take some time to adapt Fipamo to their install process. It doesn’t seem like a big deal.

they’re working on a big update for now. then, after that, they will see.
so, i think, all it’s left to do for now is to wait. :sweat_smile:

thank you very much everyone?