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Hi @Aleks,

Sorry to ping you out of the blue, I saw that you were listed as an infra team member here and that you made some commits here.

Here is my request for you:

I would like the make something close the to what Yunohost made with the and domain names. Would you mind sharing how you did it ?

Here are some questions:

  • What are you using to register new domain names (I think it is the dynette project, but is it still the case ?)
  • What are you using as a DNS server ?
  • What kind of server are you using performance wise ?



Yes, dynette is what’s used for the server side. The code is hosted here : and apparently the README shows a somewhat “decent” summary of how to deploy it.

It’s bind9

You mean in terms of hardware ? Dynette is deployed inside a LXC in parallel of many other services on our infrastructure, and the machine is something like a 8GB + quadcore server, but a 2GB + 1 CPU server (maybe less) would be quite enough for dynette alone as it doesn’t do much (modulo the number of requests you actually expect)

(Note that there is some magic redundancy with a slave bind9 server on another machine (, compared to being the master). Not sure how the slave configuration works…)

Keep in mind that you also need the client side, which in our case is kinda tighly integrated in yunohost code and happens here and relies on the nsupdate command available in debian :

Of course all of this depends of what you really want to achieve. This whole / story revolves around the fact that we want our users to have transparent, automatic DNS configuration without even having to worry about it or realize it exists, hence everything is automatic (but not easily manually tweakable)

If your aim is more of providing like aa general “free registrar” with a web GUI that people can use to configure their domain as they like, you should have a look at something like (running using )

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Thanks for the complete answer !

Thanks for all

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