In diagnosis, do the “ignore” mark stay when the problem is solved?

Got currently a temporary diagnosis issue (about Monitorix being broken), which makes me wonder: some of the previous problems I had are no longer reported, but I marked them to be ignored before and did not remove it. If some of them comes back later (for instance, the high number of failed attempts to login by SSH), will they be ignored automatically because they’re still marked, or come back to being reported?

If it’s the first, is there any way to list and unmark them, just in case? I would like to mark the Monitorix issue right now (I do know it’s currently broken, but there’s nothing I can do for now, so I don’t need to be mailed about it twice a day), and still have the notice if it’s broken again in the future, just like for the other ones.

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It’s the first.

You can list your filters with:

yunohost diagnosis ignore --list

An example to unignore properly:

yunohost diagnosis unignore DIAGNOSIS_CATEGORY CRITERIA1=VALUE1 CRITERIA2=VALUE2 [...]


yunohost diagnosis unignore dnsrecords domain=yolo.test category=xmpp
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(Among the gazillions todos of the project, somewhere in the issue tracker, there’s the idea of being able to ‘Ignore for X days’ a diagnosis report)


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