Improvements on App descriptions

Hi Everybody! :smile:

I suggest the inclusion of some more information on apps page.

Ex.: Home>Apps>Worpress>Infos

ID: wordpress
Description: Create a beautiful blog or website easily
Multi task: yes
Installation time: 28/5/2015
Admin URL:
Official site:
Snapshot: snapshot goes here .

Thanks! :+1:

You mean in the admin panel ?


Yes, at the app page

https://myhost/yunohost/admin/#/apps/wordpress or

we have 2 boxes: the upper in both cases is Infos.

That box could have more informations, like:

  • official page/ github page for additional information
  • link to admin page. I found that Jirafeau have an admin page reading their gitlab wiki
  • What about a snapshot?
  • direct link for help

What do you think?


The infos box could looks like this?
It’s informative and you can figure out what the app does, the developer…

Adding “contribute” page is something i like to see more :slight_smile:

Hello all.

I agree with the suggestions from Brazil.

It would also be convenient to have the infos of all the apps on the same page (/#/apps or /#/apps/install) and not having to click on the app to open its tab.

For more consistency, we could also have the same layout on and