Impossible to use some of the apps on iPhone because of the overlay

Hello guys ! First of all thank you very much for the hard work put so far in yunohost, it’s really a kick-ass solution !
Everything is almost plug&play, i’m just running into an issue when using a smartphone browser. I managed to have a workaround but I assume other people would run into the same issue.

My YunoHost server

Hardware: dedicated server (refurbished machine rented from Oneprovider)
YunoHost version: (stable).
I have access to my server : Through SSH & the webadmin |
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • install latest yunohost
  • install dokuwiki on it’s own subdomain (wiki.domain.tld)
  • from dokuwiki install the theme Bootstrap3 Template (
  • install wekan on the main domain (domain.tld/wekan)
  • from an iPhone connect to your domain.tld
  • login normally
  • select the dokuwiki app

Expected result

  • the doku wiki app opens

Current result

  • the dokuwiki app opens, but very quickly the yunohost overlay appears on top of it (the main page with the list of the application)
  • it’s possible to make the overlay disappear and go back to dokuwiki by clicking on the overlay button, but the focus seems lost, it’s then impossible to scroll or click in dokuwiki

Additional Information

  • the same issue occurs with another app : wekan
  • tested on latest chrome for iOS / incognito mode on and off / latest Safari on iOS
  • everything works as expected when using a desktop browser (Latest Chrome on a mac or pc), the problem is only reproductible on iOS
  • not tested on an android phone


  • in the file /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/js/ynh_portal.js if you disable the function init_portal_button_and_overlay() line 251 the overlay is disabled and the bug is not reproductible on iOS anymore
    (I disabled the function by adding a “return;” on line 253

Thanks for your help !

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