Importing CA into android for secondary domain

Hello. My goal is to do time tracking on my android device both offline and in a way that syncs back to yunohost. I dont really want to muck around with certs or with yunohost via ssh, so if anyone knows of a good time tracking android app that works offline that will sync with a yunohost app, I would much rather use that.

But, the only app I have found that does offline time tracking and syncs with a server is a kimai2 offline app, which does not support plain http or self-signed certs. The app creater explicitly states they wont fix this, and I can not get a “real” cert, since my server is airgapped and only uses .local domains. So I am stuck trying to figure out how to trick the app into thinking i have a “valid” cert by importing a root CA into android.

But I dont know how to create a root ca, or have yunohost use that cert on a specific domain. I cant find anything on the help forums, and the documentation on custom certificates assumes that you are getting a cert from a provider like Gandi, but afaik thats not possible with .local domains.

EDit: so, I’ve followed the steps here: YunoHost exclusively in local network (ssl/cert/https problem) and imported /etc/yunohost/certs/ into android, but that had no impact on the kimai2 app itself. I think because the domain kimai2 lives on is different then the root yunohost domain?

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