Importing another Wordpress instance

My YunoHost server

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Description of my issue

I am currently hosting 3 WordPress instances/domains on my YNH server. These are all working fine.

I have a 4th WordPress site on another domain and machine that I’d like to bring both onto my YNH server.

I have imported and exported WordPress sites between domains and machines many times but it has been with phpMyadmin.

On the old machine:

  1. FTP and grab the WordPress folders from the server.
  2. Export out the database from phpMyadmin.

On the new machine & domain

  1. FTP upload the WordPress folder
  2. Import the DB into phpMyadmin on the new machine
  3. Tweak the WordPress config file to reflect the changes
  4. Tweak the DB in phpMyadmin to reflect the changes

All done. This has always worked when moving a WordPress site from one machine/domain to another.

I am lost now!!

Are there any WordPress/YNH experts out there that can help me get a saved WordPress site and a database exported from phpMyadmin onto my YNH machine/domain?

Many many thanks,


Phpmyadmin is just a web interface to manage a mysql instance.
But you could instead dump your WordPress database in CLI with the mysqldump command

@Benance thanks for reading and answering. Yes i understand what myphpadmin does which is why it was, at the time useful, it was easy, I knew what I was doing with it but now im stuck.

If attempt to use CLI I’ll probably break the thing… No idea what im doing!!!

If I install the YNH phpmyadmin app, will it pick up the installed databases that I have already installed or will that require some “stitching”?

Thanks all the same. Appreciate it.


If you install the ynh phpmyadmin app, it will connect to your mariadb instance and will let you manage all the databases hosted in your yunohost server. That way, you could be able to import the dump of your wordpress site which was on another machine

@Benance well there’s a job for tomorrow… I was a bit unsure if that would work. I have my YNH server working well right now.

Ill give it a try though, my whole system is backed up every night so…

I’ll report back…

Thanks again…


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