Importand Bugfix for Nitter released


There is an update that fixes the problem with searching posts and users.
With the latest version this bug is fixed.
May I ask when it is planned to provide this update in Yunohost?

Thank you.

It’s never planned : it depends on people implementing it :slightly_smiling_face:
For your information, if it’s possible for you, in such case it’s best to open an issue on the github repository, so maintainers and people watching the repository can be notified.
And usually updates are proposed automatically by Yunohost’s bot, then people have to review and test it before merging it as the new stable version.

I suppose you’re talking about this one ? Update to version from 2023-08-08 by Jules-Bertholet · Pull Request #40 · YunoHost-Apps/nitter_ynh · GitHub

Thank you. That means I only need to create a PR for Yunohost with a new version?

I mean this one: Cleanup · zedeus/nitter@03794a8 · GitHub
Version 2023.08.25-03794a8

I was thinking about a simple issue to say a new version is available (but the bot should do it automatically), but yes, a PR changing the version URL and sha256sum would be even better :smile:

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