Immich worked just fine for me

The app catalog has this package labeled as broken. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ve been waiting a long time for Immich anyway so I was okay with the risk of it borking my system. Fortunately I had no such issue, and I just clicked install and everything worked totally fine. That is all.

Hardware is a N100 Mini PC.

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Where do you see it as broken ?
In the catalog it seems OK : YunoHost app store | Immich (with some warnings)
And in the repository, it seems OK too : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/immich_ynh: Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone. (integration level 7, status working)

It might be due to some specificity of your system ? (YunoHost Version, CPU format or RAM available ? )

Weirdly this morning it was shown as broken in the webadmins. Now it’s OK.

(This is because we merged Update app levels according to CI results by yunohost-bot · Pull Request #2225 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub yesterday, where immich’s quality level was upgraded from None to 7)


You’re right, it’s gone! Thank you for you work, Immich is my favorite self-hosted service.


Hi brooksl,

Thanks for mentioning Immich, I intended to try it out but did not yet find time to do so.

How is it in terms of taxing your system? Does it take a lot of memory / processing while browsing photos?

At the moment I have the ‘Memories’ app installed on Nextcloud for photos on Yunohost, and Digikam on my desktop for photos on my NAS as well as the photos on Yunohost.

I’m looking to merge the photo collection, but have not decided on where and on how to make them accessible via the web.

As you are enthusiast about Immich, would you mind elaborating on how you use it?

If I may answer too, here’s my experience:

  • I host Immich on my VPS, a 1vCore with 2GB of RAM, 3.8GB of swap, and 40GB of storage.
  • Immich services currently consume almost 400 MB of RAM at rest.
  • I have added my photos as an external library in Immich, they are stored remotely on my NAS and accessed through SFTP through a mount in /etc/fstab. The library is 350 GB.
    • I really loved how this is implemented on Immich. Finally, this is a gallery app that respects your own photos organization, and does not try to destroy the directory hierarchy or to copy the pictures in its own internal library.
  • I have symlinked /home/ to my NAS. After initial scanning, this directory weights 28GB, which are at 99.9% picture thumbnails.
  • Initial scanning was a bit too resources-hungry, and I opted to temporarily stop some services (Dendrite, PHP-FPM). Took a night, I think.
    • Photos and videos loadings are blazing fast.
    • Album share is very cool, and people can add their own pictures.
    • I have yet to try the mobile app.

I have just realized the face recognition module did not launch (maybe it’s manual?), and just started it. RAM usage has increased by 100MB and I see occasional CPU usage peaks, but marginal.



Indeed! Often “having photos available online” means “make an unconnected copy to a structure that has no bearing on the original”, while consolidation and de-duplication are such obvious requirements.

I have to admit: Nextcloud with Memories also does quite well in this regard.

So the thumbnails are, seen from Immich, also on remote storage? And still the experience is so good?

So, when people upload their own pictures, they also get pushed to your NAS, of course.

Are your own new photos added mainly from a camera via SD card and your computer to the NAS, or is it a synchronization service from your phone to your NAS?

If you think of it, could you give your impression of face recognition when it is done? (I imagine it will take a while, if scanning is done on the original files requiring a round trip to your NAS, but it seems the connection is fast enough)

( @brooksl , sorry for hyacking your thread, please add your experience :blush:)


Indeed! Fibers are good for both health and bandwidth. :sweat_smile:

Good question! You got me to check that, and actually no, they are uploaded to /home/<user>/<album>.


First option so far, as I have always been doing for my camera, but the app should allow direct sync from my phone.

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I mean it’s almost a 1:1 clone of Google Photos. So that’s how I use it.

I don’t really know what kind of resources it uses. YunoMonitor does not work for me. Don’t know why. When I click “open app” it just takes me to the YNH portal…

I can tell you from a previous CasaOS install on the same hardware that the CPU is at 100% when uploading photos, but I think this is 1 distinction from Google Photos. I believe Immich caches tags when uploading. The big difference there is when I’m looking for an image, any search query is instant, as opposed to GPhotos, which runs each search query across the entire library of photos, and can take several seconds, despite having infinite processing resources.

I also work in real estate and occasionally do video tours with out-of-state clients, and I use Immich to share those tours.

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Somehow the face recognition was not working (bug and solution: Machine learning misconfiguration · Issue #30 · YunoHost-Apps/immich_ynh · GitHub). After fixing it, RAM usage peaks at 730MB and CPU at two thirds (maxing it at 100% with the other services).

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