Image-upload service, like Jirafeau or Lutim, that allows paste-from-clipboard?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a self-hosted app (that I can put on the wishlist) similar to Jirafeau and Lutim, but with the added functionality of being able to upload from clipboard (without first creating an image file).

I tried both of the mentioned apps. They work great for uploading existing files, but I often find myself opening Gimp to paste my clipboard and saving to a directory with temporary files, before uploading the file.

A plugin for Nextcloud that provides such functionality would also be a great alternative.

A commercial/proprietary example of such a service is https:/

Any ideas or suggestions?

I use NextCloud without plugin for this.

Hi LautreG,

Thanks! How do you do that?

I took a screenshot and then attempted pasting from clipboard to ‘just the Files page’ , as well as first creating a new folder to try and paste there.

Plugins… I meant “apps”, of course.

The notes app allows to add an image to a note, but only from a image-file as source (either by uploading from device, or by selecting it from NC-storage).

There are many nice apps, but not that I could find with this functionality. I had a look at apps in the categories files, integration, multimedia; none gave the impression it would work.

I hope I overlook a straightforward method, please let me know!

Sorry, I tested, and I was wrong.
The paste didn’t works.

I tested on several app in NextCloud. Not yet coded.

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No need for sorries :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for testing!

In the mean time I found out that those image-sharing sites mostly run on Chevereto, an Open Source image sharing platform.

I think I also found the approximate area in the code where the upload finds place, but I have no idea how it could be implemented in another app.