I'm missing something with Synapse/Riot installation

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve installed a Synapse server at synapse.first-domain.com, then I updated the DNS zone from my OVH control panel for first-domain.com by adding the following line:

_matrix._tcp.synapse.first-domain.com. 3600    IN      SRV     10 0 8448 synapse.first-domain.com.

Then I installed a Riot application at chat.second-domain.com, (at the root: /), specifying that the server was synapse.first-domain.com.

And now, when I go on the Riot page, it just keeps loading, while saying I’m offline.

Also the URL when I go to chat.second-domain.com changes to https://chat.second-domain.com/#/room/!DoknAsPsVkbZafQyha:chat.first-domain.com

Which is odd because the “chat.first-domain.com” domain is not supposed to exists. Actually it does exist (there is a DNS zone for it) but will be used for a different purpose, completely unrelated with matrix, synapse or riot.

Also, when I click on the settings cog in Riot, I get this message:

CORS request rejected: https://chat.first-domain.com/_matrix/client/r0/profile/%40myusername%3Achat.first-domain.com

Which again is strange as I definitely specified when installing Riot that the server was synapse.first-domain.com, not chat.first-domain.com. This only chat dot something, is chat.second-domain.com.

Sorry if it is confusing, do not hesitate to ask me to reformulate if so.

Any idea then about what I’ve done wrong? Is the multi-domain a bad idea? Am I misunderstanding the whole logic of Riot and Synapse?

Still, thank you for supporting these amazing apps! (the latest Riot version looks yummy btw)