I deleted the admin user which had the same name as a regular user

Hardware: Dell Poweredge R230, running Proxmox with Yunohost installed on a VM - so it’s all locally stored whilst I play with it.
YunoHost version: 11.0.9

I’ve got access to the shell, I can log in as root and run yunohost user list but I have deleted the admin user. Now I just have a regular user.

I want to log back into the yunohost admin section so I can get access to the applications I installed - i.e. Wordpress but I cant seem to get back in…

I’ve tried a bunch of things and got desperate enough to try apt-get yunohost-admin --reinstall which ran, but didn’t give me an admin account back when I typed yunohost user list

I’ve got about 15 hours of content built up in the website I was playing with - I’d rather not lose that… Is there some way of rebuilding the admin so I can get back in?


If you have root access via ssh or whatever, then just recreate the user with yunohost user create <username> and just add it to the admin group with something like yunohost user group add admins <username>

Awesome - that did it :slight_smile: Thanks

Now to undo the damage I’ve done else where!!
Much appreciated!

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