HumHub media upload and display problems

I am experiencing problems which may be related, in part, to this issue, which was closed without any apparent resolution.

I am running YunoHost on a Linode VPS with 2 GB RAM and 50 GB storage, installed with Debian 10. At the moment I’m running only one app, HumHub 1.8.2. Although there is a newer version of Humhub available (1.9.2) it seems best for me to wait to upgrade through YunoHost. I’ve ssh’ed into my server, installed ImageMagick made sure that /usr/bin/convert runs. I’ve confirmed that /var/www/humhub/static/js/humhub/ present and executable.

Several things aren’t working, possibly related:

  1. As with the post linked to above, I cannot upload images larger than about 1MB, despite the fact that I doubled HumHub’s default max upload size to 10 MB and PHP upload_max_filesize is set to 1024MB.
  2. Although I can upload media (mp3, wav, webm, mp4) files through the file manager and as attachments to posts I cannot get them display in the posts with the appropriate embedded media player. HumHub doesn’t seem to treat them as media files.

I’ve posted this problem to the HumHub community forum but have not found anybody who seems to have experienced anything similar. I’m wondering if there is something in YunoHost’s setup of HumHub which may have led to this.

Did you notice that it is a hidden post? The forum is closed for visitors, I would run away and look for a replacement for Humhub if it were my Yunohost!

Was that necessary to make the app work, besides the installation via Yunohost? Or is that while troubleshooting the 1 MB upload limit?

Which PHP-ini file did you change?

I’ve setup the HumHub for friends, for very special purposes, to provide them with an alternative to FB that is intended as a private, “closed universe” platform.

For myself (and for a more ambitious long-term project) I’m using Hubzilla and, since it is a bear to teach to non-technically-inclined users, investigating Zap.

I ssh’ed into the server for troubleshooting. ImageMagick is optional and I suspect that the YunoHost script didn’t install it but I thought that its (in particular convert's absence might have something to do with my not being display photos in posts.


Strange that they choose to close their forum though. Is all information from that thread also in your post here?

There is an (old) bug on humhub’s git, did you notice it? Do their pointers help?

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