[Humhub] Enterprise Social Network

Has anyone thought of integrating Humhub into Yunohost?

it’s an open source Social Intranet/Private Network for Teams

Would be a great fit!


I looked into it years ago but did not had enough experience on YNH packaging.
Now I think I can package it. It looks very nice although redundant with my Odoo app

  • it is in PHP/MySQL with LDAP support so it is a perfect candidate for a good YNH integration

That would be great, I think odoo is really a very different app, for a different audience.

Well actually this package was not as easy as expected… I have installed from source zip instead of composing from source.

  1. HumHub has to be postinstalled manually
  2. LDAP has to be setup manually (see below)
  3. LDAP auth does not work with users having multiple email addresses
  4. Users cannot be logged in automatically

Here are the LDAP settings:

  • hostname : localhost
  • port : 389
  • baseDn : ou=users,dc=yunohost,dc=org
  • loginFilter : (uid=%s)
  • userFilter : objectClass=mailAccount
  • usernameAttribute : uid
  • emailAttribute : mail
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That was fast, thanks a lot!

Where do I put in the LDAP numbers? I never needed to do it before…

There is a “LDAP” tab in Administration -> Settings

Is the “LDAP” Tab in Yunohost or Humhub? can’t find it in yunohost…

In Humhub

We have Hubzilla project too https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/hubzilla-yunohost

Thanks for the package, it works! But I have problems with the LDAP: I fill in the LDAP-Setting above and I get the rear message: “Binding requires username in DN form”. What do I have to put into the field “user” and “password”. My YN user and PW? Oder the user I made when I installed hum hub?

Well actually that’s also a problem… You have to enter “admin” as user and the YunoHost admin password… Not very secure. Furthermore it’s not needed for LDAP so it’s a HumHub problem

Ah okay, then I won’t do it. But I don’t mind login in via mail. Soil do it that way.

Hello som news about this module i really like Humhub,
can i use it in production ?

means update for all next realease and secure to using it in yunohost

Hi, at the moment I wouldn’t advise using it in production. LDAP is broken because we have to add the admin password…
The package was a prototype proof of concept only. It needs improvements

ok thanks.

i have installed it, because humhub is really cool.
looks working now, but i m not connecting the ldap humhub to ldap yunohost.

hope u will fixing it.

because we can imagining, somthing yunohost with humhub like central application, and we can see mail over humhub.
we can see all contact on humhub, and many stuff we can create of this !!

if only i have the coding experiance, i will make many things

Well i will wait and see
thanks again

hello there, can u update it please

Hello all,
I am pleased to say that I finally managed to integrate the app quite smoothly: https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/humhub_ynh

Support for LDAP users, auto-install etc…

Feel free to test and share your comments


Great job, works great for me!


please can u update humhub


How can I use the humhub-package or how can I install humhub beside YunoHost?