How would I make a page non-SSO

Hi, I would like to use proof, but it redirects to SSOwat instead. How could I disable the SSO for certain pages?

Hello has no web interface? So, you try to prove few websites on your server?

To bypassing the ssowat portal, you may use temporarily the ‘/etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent’ file with ‘skipped_urls’ parameters.
But, after, you need delete this parameters to restore the private access on your app.

I’ve added skipped_url parameters to /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent, however it gives me 500s.
The JSON lines were deletedand there was no 500s.
Is there a log I could ‘cat’ maybe?

It seems to may ‘cat’ the nginx log if you have 500’s error with ssowat.
This should be enough - if there’s another log needed I can pastebin.

Sorry, i’m talking about nginx log of your domain, not simply error.log

The 2nd one is a error.log I believe as I remember how I did the command to pastebin it.
cat {/var/log/nginx/,/var/log/nginx/} | pastebinit

Ok, the second log seems to be an domain error log. it’s my fault.
Can you paste your conf.json.persistent, with the bugs line like you written it before.