How to: Virtualbox 7.0.12 and YunoHost 11.0.9 (Guide Deprecated?)

Hardware: Lenovo Legion 5 (2021, Ryzen 7, NVidia 3070) WIN11 PRO
YunoHost version: YunoHost 11.0.9
I have access to my server : Virtualbox
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
If yes, please explain:

Description of my issue

I don’t know much about the topic of Linux/servers/virtual machines, so please bear with me:

I used the guide in the link above but the UI and the install process as a whole is very different on Virtualbox 7.0.12. I tried to enable/disable some things ( 8GB memory, 4 CPU, 10 GB disk space pre-allocated, “Skip Unattendend installation” among other things) just to give it a shot, but nothing worked. The furthest i came was the graphical installer completing, offering me a boot option which ends up in a terminal login screen:

Also googling for quite a while didn’t return any helpful results, so is there an updated guide i missed?



Yes so your screenshot look perfectly normal, can you clarify what you were expecting ?

The install documentation follows with :

Proceed with the initial configuration

In an internet browser, type https://yunohost.local (or yunohost-2.local, and so on if multiple YunoHost servers are on your network).

If this doesn’t work, you can look for the the local IP address of your server. The address typically looks like 192.168.x.y, and you should therefore type https://192.168.x.y in your browser’s address bar.

etc …

hi and thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

oh, i am so sorry - i didn’t know that this is the ready state of the server! again i am very new to this, so to prove my point that i am the greatest novice under the sun i was expecting a GUI.

how can i communicate from windows to the virtual machine?

i tried to connect from win11 pro via Firefox to the yunohost-vm but it didn’t work. Do i have to set firewall rules or similar? I also checked the guide section to modify the host file but do i have to modify it if i just acces via the ip? also my router is as basic as mossible havin no dns option.

thank you so much

I got it to work! as of now i am in the post-install phase it was an issue with Firefox timing out and after a while of trying it said something along the lines of certificate “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead” and had to allow ff to connect. this has to do with the certificates not being authentic due to me not having a real domain?

Yes, this is also explained in the install doc :sweat_smile:

During the first visit, you will very likely encounter a security warning related to the certificate used by the server. For now, your server uses a self-signed certificate. You will later be able to add a certificate automatically recognized by web browsers as described in the certificate documentation. For now, you should add a security exception to accept the current certificate. (Though, PLEASE, do not take the habit of blindly accepting this kind of security alert!)

yes, i am so sorry. i just google for certificates, didn’t know what that was before. a good learning curve and so far it is very exciting! also the etc/host thing was very interesting to do. now i am in the midst of trying to install apps and getting into user management.

i ran the diagnosis and as expected i got 2 errors:

is there anything i can do to solve the errors locally ?or is there an option to redirect the diagnosis email to an actual email?

all this is very exciting, so i am very sorry if i missed some crucial things of the guide

For the 1st error, you can only do this on your ISP interface (not possible for all of them) : DNS zone configuration | Yunohost Documentation
And for the second one, you’ll have to contact Spamhaus. (No direct link here, but many information : Emails | Yunohost Documentation )

BUT (yes, Y know, sorry) I really think hosting a server on a virtual env on windows at home adds enough complexity and the mails will never be reliable :frowning_face:
(The « At Home » part will likely automatically put your IP in spam lists)

But for tests, it is awesome :slight_smile:

thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

although i don’t deeply understand the intricacies of what you wrote (same goes for the superb documentation of Yunohost that you linked) , i think i get a general understanding why test environments are nice, but to make them 100% functional you need to be an expert - which i am not - and have the technical logistics in place, ;).

on a side note: I tried to install AgenDav, which threw an error that it has a requirement (i then installed Baikal), i cant even log in as the admin user. research on that matter returned so many variables that i might quit on these more complex things i guess ;).

Thanks again for your help!

Edit: I got AgenDav and Baikal running! Dont know why, but i’ll take it :wink:

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