How to use Tasks/Notes in calendar hosted by baikal?

Hello All,

I am using baikal for calendars and in administrative GUI you can allow the use of Notes and Tasks.

My question is how do you use this feature? which app on android can do that?
I intent to use Gtask but I did not succeed to define an yunohost/baikal account …



Hi Jean31;

That’s an excellant question, and I’m thinking SOGO plugins of Thunderbird was doing the work for you on the computer side.

But for Android;…
I looked the (seems dead)

I found these discussions about TomDroid support into github and this post

So long story short; it seems still in developpment but I did’nt totally understand the last post

If anybody could confirm if is possible or not, that could be awesome.

I’m glad that someone is interesting in this subject.
In my mind Tasks and Notes are basic needs for user (smartphone).
As these features are standard format, we have to find Apps to manage them.

For tasks I have found this (dated to 6 months ago): and

So DavDroid is very good app to sync with baikal found in Yunohost, but this feature is not for now …
The feature have been removed from the milestone 0.8

To manage Tasks Mirakel looks good, there is a special davdroid released to Mirakel that works. See

Do you know another couple of app?


So I guest, as a non developer I, we, should wait for DavDroid
because this function still not implemented

Is not implemented and have not be planed to 0.8 …
So may be a long wait …

May be another solution is to used and with
These solution are not in F-Droid …
[edit] OUPS! I am wrong: but is mentioned that there is some Non-Free Addons… there is no sync !!!
And I just discovered these solution today and did not test them …

May be someone here can give a freedback.


I am using CalDAV-Sync and Tasks by Marten Gajda to sync both calendar events AND tasks with my owncloud instance (using the Task owncloud app). It works great. I haven’t tested with Baikal but as the android app is syncinc the tasks as well, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work?
It also works with self-signed SSL certificates without having to add them to your phone’s root
You need CalDAV-Sync (paid and not in F-Droid) to be able to use Tasks (free and in F-Droid) though. But as I can now sync my calendars and tasks with my own server without even needing any google apps, I think it is worth the bucks! I logged on google play, bought the app, logged out and then deactivated the google services again. I re-activate them when I see an interesting update.

Compatibility list :

THX for the tip, I will take a look

I am surprised no one mentioned DAVDroid, not sure about Notes + Baikal but it worked as mentioned above for Tasks + OwnCloud. You will need to install Tasks first, though!

The problem I had with DAVDroid at the time is that it required the self-signed certificate to be added to the Android device. Not sure if it is still the case?

you can add it with CADroid

Have somebody tried Taskwarrior on yunohost with Mirakel on android ?