How to use Proxmox Mail Gateway for improved SPAM filtering?


because of the bad SPAM filtering of Yunohost I want to route incoming mails through Proxmox Mail Gateway before Yunohost. I’ve set up Proxmox Mail Gateway, changed the A/AAAA records for pmg.<mydomain>.de and changed the MX record to pmg.<mydomain>.de. Proxmox Mail Gateway delivers the received mail to Yunohost.

The drawback is Yunohost diagnosis now claims about wrong DNS settings.

Does anyone have an idea how to tell Yunohost there is an ingress SPAM filter in order to have Yunohost generate correct DNS settings?

Thanx for any hint! :slight_smile:


If your problem persists, you can always modify Proxmox Mail Gateway /var/lib/pmg/templates/ file to match YunoHost file.

Modify line :

myhostname = [% dns.hostname %].[% dns.domain %]


myhostname = [% dns.domain %]

Then restart Proxmox Mail Gateway to take into account the changes you’ll see in Proxmox Mail Gateway /etc/postfix/ file.

Check that the changes made to /var/lib/pmg/templates/ are not overwritten the next time Proxmox Mail Gateway is updated.

The problem is not the postfix mail configuration but the Yunohost DNS configuration.
Meanwhile I have removed PMG as the difference in false negatives was negligible compared with Yunohost.

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