How to update an unsupported YunoHost 3.X and Debian 9?

Hello there,

Some context

I end up managing a YunoHost server for an non-profit association and it runs with YunoHost version 3.6 and Debian 9.

I found that it is not supported anymore while trying to under to install a new test server on a raspberrry pi with

I get errors while updating yunohost packages from After searching on the forum, I found that it’s not supported anymore from these links:


How can I manage to get the datas on the last Yunohost and debian version? (I have backups made by the old Yunohost and ssh access)

For now, I believe I will need to install a new server with the last YunoHost version and try to restore a backup on it as the main server cannot be upgraded anymore

Any feedback on this use case if someone had it?

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This seems to be the same case

@jarod5001 is right, I faced the same problem two weeks ago, and solved it last week thanks to Yunohost Forum.
You just have to edit the file /usr/lib/moulinette/yunohost/data_migrations/

#  if upgradable_system_packages:
#      raise YunohostError("migration_0015_system_not_fully_up_to_date")

then retry an update

No need to backup you system, Yunohost will do it for you.

Uuuuuh, not sure what you mean :thinking:

Hi, @Aleks must be right, i didn’t find any trace of backup in the log file of the update.
So you should backup your databefore updating

production server

Thanks for the feed back. (I missed it while searching). I will try the given info on the production server if I cannot setup a test server.

test server

Last week, I try to test up a test server an a pi2 and restore the backup made from the production server on it with no luck:

  • (lastest pi images yunohost 3.X available) => failed to restore some apps because some helpers used were added in 3.6

    Warning: ./remove: line 27: ynh_script_progression: command not found
    Warning: --file= wasn't deleted because it doesn't exist.
  • => didn’t keep the error message but failed because I try to restore a “stretch backup” on “buster version” (debian package conflicts)

Using pi images was a bad idea… I will switch to “virtual machine” for this and a yunohost 3.6:


Thanks for the hint. This file does not exists on the server so I cannot use this trick unfortunately.

root@yuno3-6:~# ls -1 /usr/lib/moulinette/yunohost/data_migrations/

I end up installing the lastest YunoHost on a new VPS and will migrate all the data manually application by application. I tried restoring a backup instead on the postinstall and I (obviously) got:

root@yuno4-3:~# yunohost backup restore 20220308-081005
Error: This backup archive can not be restored because it comes from a too-old YunoHost version.

Next steps:
PITA will be migrating Nextcloud (and shares) and all the users to recreate

Dommage. Maybe it was in the file

(see yunohost/ at bde3c502acf7a892818c11ad369bb6c5d70218fe · YunoHost/yunohost · GitHub)
on lines 116-120

  if " stretch " not in read_file("/etc/apt/sources.list"):
        apt_list_upgradable = check_output("apt list --upgradable -a")
        if "upgradable" in apt_list_upgradable:
            raise YunohostError("migration_0003_system_not_fully_up_to_date")

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