How to ssh transfer a directory from local to server (ssh passphrase)


Hi !
I want to add ninjafirewall pro to my install.
I applied the security hints (ssh with key & passphrase, change port)
I need to drop files on a newly created directory : /var/www/ninjafirewall
Well, I didn’t find the proper ssh command and filezilla fails as well…

Here what I tried from my local Manjaro terminal :

rsync -e 'ssh 56789' -r '/home/me/Téléchargements/ninja+'

What do I miss ?

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I’m still stuck on this one.

And I cannot access this directory from Filezilla

Same issue as in your other thread, admin user does not have root access. Transfer the directory in /home/admin first, then move it and chown it via SSH.

Ok !
I’ used to Manjaro desktop, much less Debian server^^
Thank you for caring

Upload to nextcloud then mv source destination

mv or rsync ?

Download backup via terminal where is the data located

how can i proceed here and find all the data to be able to download it. Can someone help me here, because I want to put everything on a new server. Unfortunately, it’s not possible via the desktop panel for admins. So I would be grateful for your help and support. Thank you very much

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you can also try
scp -r /local/directory admin@
of course replace “/local/directory” with your source directory and the “” with the IP address of your server

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Well, obviously harderned Yunohost is hard :

~]$ scp -P 12345 /home/me/Bureau/mystuff/favicons/fav.png admin@
Debian GNU/Linux 11
Enter passphrase for key '/home/me/.ssh/id_rsa': 
scp: /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/themes/clouds/fav.png: Permission denied

Did I miss something ?

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May admin doesn’t have permission for that folder. If you try replacing admin by root?

root@ Permission denied (publickey).
lost connection

Well, isn’t Yunohost forbidding root access ?
On ssh, I can only access root with su - once logged on admin

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scp -P 12345 /home/me/Bureau/mystuff/favicons/fav.png root@

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Yes, exactly what got the permission denied !

I followed this for the setup : Security | Yunohost Documentation (but the API setup)

As an aside, the obstacle you encounter is not Debian-specific, but is part of the security that Yunohost adds.

Besides restricting to the regular owner/group/others permissions, access control is enforced via ACL. Arch got a helpful text on their wiki

I think you can work around it by adding your user’s key to root’s authorized_keys, but for the few times that you might need it, I would copy to a temporary location via SSH as admin, and then move (as root) to the right location.

Did you set up key access for your admin on Yunohost? From your desktop / laptop / telephone, connect to your Yunohost with

$ ssh-copy-id admin@your.yunohost  

In case you do not have a public key file for your local user yet, create one first (on your local computer) :

$ ssh-keygen

It will pose some questions; you can just press enter for the defaults (a passphrase would give added security, but is often skipped).

After your key is added to admin’s authorized_key’s, you can login and copy securely and without providing a password with SHH and scp.

It should be easy now to transfer the files from your desktop to admin’s /home/admin-directory. After that, log in via SSH as admin, and sudo mv the files to the destination.

Well, this is what I did well before (As I RTFM :wink: )

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ admin@

And I have no issues to reach the admin neither to su - from there

The issue is with scp (That logs, but then is denied access to the path)

[Edit] Ha! ha! Fond the proper way and probably the why :

I did this :
sudo yunohost settings set security.ssh.password_authentication -v no and this must block everything.

Thus, I used almost @tituspijean 's solution :
Here for the favicons : dropped a favicon in admin directory, then :

rm /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/icons/* 
mv /home/admin/favicon/*  /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/icons/

I’ll check a little later with the move I wanted on my OP

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So you copied the file from pc to /home/admin in the server then moved it to the location you wanted in the server.
What about running the scp command from the server? Does it work?

How would I have to amend the command to do this ?
If I run from the server, how do I tell that the first path is not on it ?