How to specify argument for yunohost CI installation test?

My yunohost app requires an argument for installation, called ssb_admin_id, which must be a string of a particular form.

However, yunohost CI runner passes “null” as the argument. Having a value of null here causes an error in the upstream code.

In the yunohost CI test for installation, I see this is the command that is run:

Running: yunohost app install --force /app_folder -a “domain=sub.domain.tld&path=/&admin=package_checker&language=fr&is_public=1&password=1Strong-Password&port=666&ssb_admin_id=null”

Here is the full test run: YunoRunner for CI

Is there a way to tell yunohost CI to use a particular value for ssb_admin_id for the CI test?

The value should be something of the form:

I found the answer to my question here: GitHub - YunoHost/package_check: Shell script which check package actions: install, remove, upgrade, backup, restore…

You can specify values for arguments used by the CI in the check_process file