How to setup couchpotato with transmission


I’ve setup a YNH server to use it as a torrent client with couchpotato and transmission.
I didn’t manage to point couchpotato to the correct port of transmission and don’t know what username/password to use.

Can someone help me?

Thank you !

Me neither :smiley:
The only way I managed to do that was by activating Transmission “black hole” feature and using that in CouchPotato.
It is not efficient. We need to fork and rework these apps entirely to have the feature available directly.

This falls under the project “multimedia apps”: Choix d’un dossier multimédia
I don’t have much time to work on it at the moment. Maniack Crudelis did most of the work on this specification. I wanted to apply it by reworking the couchpotato package first


hi folks,

Did someone find the solution?
@scith what do you mean by “black hole feature”? Does it pose a security problem?


Hi, I solved the issue by improving the various packages.
You need to install transmission with either the PR ( or my fork (
Then CouchPotato afterwards (

Automatically, CouchPotato will be linked to transmission using the RPC password
In the message you are referring to, I was using “black hole”. This is nothing unsecure. It’s just another method, in which transmission “watches” a folder for new torrent files added by Couchpotato in it. It is just less efficient because it relies on files rather on the API