How to set synapse to : enable_registration: False?

I want to configer the synapse server that way that registration is not public.
But during installation I set the option “public server” to YES -

now I edit the file



is_public: '0'

I did

yunohost app upgrade synapse

yunohost app setting synapse is_public gives me 0

But registration is still possible

any idea? Thanks

Unbortunately changing this setting after installing the app won’t do much … Maybe @Josue has a trick specific to Synapse to disable this post app-install, but otherwise you might have to reinstall the app

Thanks Aleks,
a reinstall (uninstall and install again) will delite all registired users right?


Your problem is that Yunohost don’t accept to upgrade the app until there are not a new version available…

Thanks Josue

First of all - i´m realy trilled by running my own chat server… BIG THANKS for all your work.

hmm - but I don´t know what to do…
i´m still testing the system - so I could actually reset synapse and not lose much…
but for real word practice it would be realy good if we could change the option “public server” from YES no NO without a big effort…

Now I came aware of an other thing:

If I set “public server" to NO than i have to ad users by the Yunohost interface - but this means also that a user which I added to indent to unse synapse has also access to all the ohter installed yunohost apps… I´m not sure if this is a situation I want all the time…

is there a more complex Accessmanagment planed for younohost in the future or is there actually one today i can install ?

For me it was not really complicated. But it not the case for everybody. So I will mybe improve but I might take some time because I’m really busy.

I think everybody agrees with that :wink: In fact we should now have this new system where apps can ship custom actions, and synapse could ship an action “change_public_setting” or something like this. (That of course requires energy to implement and test :stuck_out_tongue: )

today there was an update for synapse and YES - registration is now not any more possibel as i set it up in the settings -

How does the password management work if “public registration” is disabled?

Can a user set a new password in RIOT ?

I just tried but it did not work :frowning:

Ok - the user can change the password in his yunohost profil - that is ok