How to run multiple yunohosts instances with common user OR Clustering yunohosts with common users


I need to run multiple yunohost instances in different servers with dedicated domain names like yunohost1 running on and another yunohost2 running on and another one yunohost3 running on

how can i login to any of the instance with a common user? so that i can login into webapp in any of the instance. (Same webapp installed in all the instances pointed to common single database to function)

In other words, clustering of yunohost so that same user is applicable to all the yunohost instances.

Kindly suggest.

Thanks and Regards,

oi would love for this to be possible.

One answer to this is to open the LDAP server of one of your instances, and configure it as an auth source for the other instances. So users would be granted access from other domains than local ynh instance.

I’ll let you look into that, I saw posts about it in the forum recently.