How to Restrict Nextcloud to LAN?

Hi. I’ve got nextcloud installed and working properly; it is currently accessible from the internet on a domain I own.

I no longer wish for nextcloud to be accessible over the internet. I only want to access it on my home network (via Tailscale VPN).

can you help me by telling what changes I need to make to yunohost web GUI and or to files via ssh?


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Lookup adding allow; then deny all; clauses to the Nextcloud location block in /etc/nginx/conf.d/<domain.tld>/nextcloud.conf. is the default network subnet assigned by Headscale in YunoHost. To be tweaked appropriately.

Test the configuration with nginx -t then sudo systemctl reload nginx.

From then on, YunoHost Diagnosis wlll complain about the file being manually altered. Ignore that.

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If you don’t mind not to use the Yunohost web GUI or manually change config files, you can use the Nextloud-provided app for that.

It does just the same, but then from the Nextcloud-interface :stuck_out_tongue:

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