How to move an application from a yunohost server to an other one

I plan to migrate. How to move apps ? I can create a new app on the new server but shall I just dump the database and copy it?

Is there export import app to help migration ?

Backup the app on one side, restore on the other. Beware that you should have the same domain configured on the other server


For some apps, it could also be important to have same username on the new server

Hi, could you please point me out on how to move a backup from one server to another?

If you use yunohost backup (without borg or restic)

  1. install yunohost on serverB
  2. create the backup on server A
  3. shutdown services on A
  4. via ssh on serverA, copy with rsync or scp /home/yunohost.backup/archives/yourarchive.tar to the serverB /home/yunohost.backup/archives/
  5. go in webadmin of B and restore your domains and apps
  6. do dns change needed (see diagnosis tool in webadmin)

Following to this, if say I want to install Yunohost on a local home server and not this being online ie no domain name, how this could be possible?

Thanks! Will user credentials be still available if I move one app only? Or do I have to copy the user database additionally?