How to monitor connections to YunoHost pages with Piwik?

Can the pages of yunohost be added to wordpress ? I want to add the script for piwik.

What “pages of yunohost” ?

If this is just to monitor their visits, then you don’t need to add them to Wordpress (which is impossible by the way).

Yes, I just want to add JavaScript code to the pages to monitor the visit.

The administration HTML files are located in /usr/share/yunohost/admin/ directory.

The portal HTML files (actually mustache templates) are located in /usr/share/ssowat/portal/ directory.

Feel free to add the javascript code to the right place in them.

1.The Visitors who visit are recognized by the visitor profile Id( ID 3654j5a587752s5b).
There is no name or any other information about the visitor.
How to get details of the visitor by ID ?

2.Can I put the tracking JavaScript to the yunohost button that comes on every page ?
If no then how to put the Script on the first page of the each application ?